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Omero Marketing is a 360° digital performance marketing agency that delivers tailored solutions for businesses aiming to reach the next level.


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We don't just run ads...

Just starting advertising on platforms like Meta won’t solve your problems. It’s essential to take a more holistic look at your business. We’ve chosen to consider the entire customer journey and can offer you a ‘Done-for-you’ setup that covers all your needs.

📸 Content creation

To create advertising that boosts your bottom line, will require content tailored to your business and brand. Therefore, we offer content creation to ensure an all-around solution.

🖥️ Funnel setup

As previously mentioned, it is essential to take care of your entire business. It’s not enough to just run ads and neglect the rest of the customer journey. Therefore, we also build or rebuild your funnel, so your marketing budget turns into cold, hard cash.

📧 Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most underrated marketing channels available. It’s extremely lucrative for several reasons:

1. It only costs a couple of dollars a month to keep it running.

2. It allows you to reach consumers directly on their locked screens with your advertising.

3. There are three times as many email users as there are Facebook and Twitter users combined.

That’s why we’ve chosen to cover this field aswell.

📲 Meta advertising

A successful online setup consists of many elements. One of the key elements is Meta advertising (Facebook & Instagram). This is one of the fundamental marketing channels, and therefore, we are naturally specialists here.

🔎 Google Ads

When your customers are ready to buy, they start searching for you on Google. Therefore, it’s important that you are prepared to solve their problems when they begin their search.

Fun fact: Google advertising is best suited for consideration purchases, as they require more research before being made. That’s why people Google it first before making a purchase.

💻 Websites

What do email marketing, Meta advertising, and Google advertising have in common? They are all channels that generate traffic. Where do you send this traffic? To the website. In order to provide an all-around solution, we naturally also create websites.

We only work with ambitious businesses.

You are ready to take your business to the next level.

You are open for teamwork.

You see a partnership with us as an investment, rather than an expense.

You and your team are long-term thinking.

You are not ready to invest in yourself and your business.

You are searching for a quick and easy fix.

For you, a partnership with us is an expense rather than an investment in yourself and your business.

You and you team are short-term thinkers.

Ready to scale your business to heights you thought was impossible?

The framework of a partnership

Discovery call

First and foremost, we have a discovery call where we get to know each other better and assess whether there is a match between us.


We send you an onboarding PDF, which ensures an easy and effective onboarding process. Everything you need is in this PDF, including step-by-step guides and video guides. If relevant, a kick-off call is scheduled, where the onboarding process will also take place.

The execution phase

Once all the practical aspects, such as access to the ad account, pixels, Google account, email marketing software, etc., are in place, I begin the groundwork and set up ads, emails, funnels, systems, and processes.

You are in touch at all times

We keep you constantly updated on how our advertising is performing. That’s why we send you a Loom video every other week, where we review how things have gone and what the action steps are for the coming period. For us, it’s important that you know how the performance is.

Monthly check-in meetings

We will regularly hold meetings to review the results of the past month. Additionally, we will lay out a plan for the upcoming future and collaboratively determine what steps we can take to grow even more.

Take action!

We have two different solution


Our Done-for-you solution is for you who want to handle your own marketing but don’t know how to do it. If you choose this solution, I will train you in everything you need to know to manage your marketing yourself. I set up the entire system for you and teach you how to use it. This includes a video guide on how to do everything, templates you can use, pre-written ad texts, and much more. Therefore, this is also a one-time payment. You will have the opportunity to contact me about small, quick problems without having to pay extra. However, for larger tasks, I reserve the right to charge for them.


Our Done-with-you solution is for you who would like to leave marketing to the professionals. Here, we take control of the entire setup for you, so you just need to focus on what you’re good at. We handle your ads, create your email flows, ensure our funnel is perfectly aligned, and everything else relevant to your business. Naturally, we keep you updated on how our advertising is going. We do this through Loom videos, where we review our performance. Typically, we send out a Loom video every other week. As this is an ongoing collaboration, it works like a subscription, where we make a fixed agreement over payment.

Let's talk!

I am looking forward to talking with you and your team.

Notice: Please ensure that all decision-makers are present on the call. No-shows will not be tolerated. Your business must generate $7,000 in revenue every month to work with us.